PrEP Challenge

I am now at almost sixty days on Truvada for PrEP and have only changed one thing, I now take it in the evenings instead of the morning.  The drug hasn’t made me into a “Truvada whore” a term I hate by the way, it’s shaming and promotes stigma, so those of you out there using it, STOP IT! We have enough problems in our community without adding to our own stigma.

If you are HIV negative I challenge you to look into PrEP as a possible tool for protecting your sexual health. It’s not for everyone but if you are sexually active it’s a good backup for condoms. Let’s be honest here, some guys don’t like condoms and would rather rely on PrEP for protection from HIV. If this is your attitude towards using PrEP then so be it; I don’t recommend it due to STI’s  but it is certainly better than not being protected at all! That being said you should certainly get yourself checked regularly for STI’s in addition to HIV.

Condoms aren’t fool proof either, you have to use them every time, and though rare they can break. I’m just saying that having that back-up is great piece of mind. The added bonus?  If you find Mr. Right and he’s HIV positive you are already protected (though nothing is absolute). Even if your Prince Charming’s viral load isn’t undetectable, having an undetectable viral load is every HIV positive person’s goal but this isn’t achievable for everyone, even when adherent to treatment.

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